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26 Mar 10 How Much Experience Do You Need to Start As a Freelance Writer?

None. Zilch. Nada. Zippo.

You do not need any experience to start with your freelance writing career. All you need is writing ability and determination to make it big. You need a lot of determination because I know many freelance writing aspirants who left the field just after a handful of failures.

No, it is not tough to break into this career, but it takes time before you start making significant sum of money. Initially, the growth rate may be slow, but eventually it will pick up. This is not the right career choice for those who want overnight success, as success comes slowly. I think it happens in every legit field.

What role does experience plays?

Although it does not matter if you have any experience of writing or not, but experience does play a part in your freelancing career. Experience does two things:

  1. Get you higher pay rate.
  2. Help you complete the assignment in significantly less time.
  3. It also helps you know beforehand how much time one project will require. You can use this knowledge to properly bill your clients.

Lack of experience will only result in lower rate and more assignment completion time. And I think, when starting out you can adjust with this. Do not give up, if your rate doesn’t increase in a month or 2 month or may be even in 6 month because the more time you are spending in this career the stronger is the chance of your success. Do not quit it now.

And who said you do not have experience?

Even if you have not written professionally, you must have written a lot of stuff—term paper, assignments, school and colleges essays, or even for school or college publications. Won’t you call it experience? I certainly will. After all, writing is writing is writing, no matter for what you write.

In terms of writing ability, you may already have what it takes to make it big in the freelance writing. If you are not sure then show your written pieces to someone whom you know is good at writing, and go by his opinion. If he says you need improvement then work on it. Nothing is here that you cannot do. All you need is sheer determination. Keep pushing, you will soon be there.

For your free writing success!

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20 Jan 10 Starting An Internet Writing Career

Writing on the internet, and expecting to get paid for your work, isn’t easy.  Most people who don’t have experience in the field may think that setting up a blog, and then getting some traffic is enough to make a living, but it isn’t.  In truth you have to work at it, craft your ability, and be prepared to go through some rough patches.  How you work through these, and adapt your writing ability, are the keys to your success.

The biggest part about being successful writing is pretty much just being diligent.  You have to work at any career, and writing on the internet is no different.  You can’t allow yourself to second guess your career choice, or give up when the assignments seem too few and far between.  Something has to break eventually, but if you give up, you’ll never get that opportunity.

Learn how to use keywords, and to write SEO.  Search Engine Optimization is the most important technique for any internet writer.  If you want your articles to garner attention, and be read by the mass public, you need them to get noticed on search engines.  Because sites like Google operate searches by using keyword recognition, you need to have your articles formatted properly, and with the correct sprinkling of keywords.

Make sure that you make friends within the industry as well.  Network, network, network so that you can connect to as many job providers and writers as possible.  These are the people that have and will know about the best jobs.  Getting connected to them will open up as many doors as possible, and really get your career moving.

As long as you work hard, and are diligent, you can succeed.  Just remember to keep at it, and don’t give up on writing.

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20 Jan 10 Tips To Run A Business From Home

Running a home based business isn’t easy, but can become a great career choice and source of income.  Those who are successful at home businesses know the difference between running the operation professionally, and a laid-back comfortable home alternative.  Knowing that difference and working off of that concept is your biggest hurdle, and guide to making your home business succeed.

So firstly, remember that your home business is just as professional as a company that works out of an office building, and respect the job as such.  With that as your start, here are a few tips that can help you set up your business:

-Organize a home office that will be regarded strictly as your working space.  The office is a part of your home, but remember this is no different than if you went into an office building 9-5 like most people.  Remember that you’re not at home when you’re supposed to be working.

-Schedule out your activities and effectively plan your day.  Keeping on top of the situation, and maximizing productivity means sticking to a schedule.  That’s the only way to set yourself up for as much success as possible.

-Make sure that you research all applicable tax laws.  The last thing you’re going to want to deal with is a tax problem, so research the information now opposed to later.  As a self employed businessperson, the tax laws are going to be very different, so read them and know them, and always file on time.

-Once again in the treating your business like the real business it is vein, make sure that you’re covered by insurance.  Any sort of business owner’s insurance that you feel applies to you, is something you should definitely look into.  Every business needs insurance.  Don’t wait until it’s too late, ever!

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