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14 Mar 10 3 Deadly Sales Mistakes to Avoid

The sales department is the lifeblood of any company. It is the only department that brings money for the company, rest of them incurs cost. Therefore, it becomes very important for you to keep performing well. After all you and your department earns bread for your company. I am going to talk here about 3 mistakes everyone in your sales team should avoid.

Mistake number 1: Data, data, and data

Yes, no one is interested in your long boring bar graphs, or your endless number of slides. No one cares about them, not even your clients. You should not excessively indulge in churning numbers and discharging them on slides to show your clients. They are bored of all these things. If you want sales to happen, avoid doing that. And start connecting with your clients.

Mistake number 2: Words, words, and words

Do not rattle off the speech you memorized yesterday. Do not even try to make it sound like an extempore. No one cares what you have to say, especially not your clients. Your words don’t mean anything to him. What matters to him are his own words and his alone. Listen to him intently and try to figure his needs from his own words. Be mum, if need be. Your goal is not to talk, but to sell.

Mistake number 3: Sell, sell, and oversell

I have seen many sales person who will start selling the moment they enters the room, and keep on selling until they are either metaphorically kicked out, or their battery get discharged. Do not do so. You should not oversell yourself. Draw a line and never cross it. Do not speak even a single word related to the product, until asked to, once your client agrees to your point. Overselling backfires!

Keep these mistakes away from your organization, and you will see a difference in the inflow of orders as well as in customer satisfaction.

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14 Dec 09 3 Ways to Mess up With Your Client

It is not easy to get a client, but it is quite easy to lose one. Just do one wrong thing and you are out of luck. In this article, I will tell you how you can ascertain that your clients leave you and they suck the money dry from your business.

Argue with your client

Argue with your clients, and do it fiercely, if you want them to go out with all their money. This will save you from all the chasings that you do every month. It will help you stay at home for the whole week, months, and years. Arguing with client over big or small issues is a surefire way to agonize them.

Tell them [heck] you are right

You know their business better than they themselves do. After all, you are a sales person than why the goddamn client should say you are not right. You are hell right, and you know that. This meeting is now your opportunity to tell them how write you are and how hopelessly wrong your client is. Teach them a lesson or tom if you want him to go away from you for rest of his life.

Talk, talk, and talk

Listening is a bad thing. Who said you should listen to your client? And why should you do that Listening is for those who do not research their client. ? Does not your client know how much time you have invested in researching his need? Is there any way on this planet in which he could possibly know more about himself they you now do after hours and hours of research?
You are not here to listen to him, but to tell him how great your product is and how it can help him solve his problems. He should better listen to you. This attitude will surely push off your client sooner than you would have expected.


I know you would not like to push your customers off then why do you adopt one or all three of the above written steps? No presentation works. Try to engage your client in discussion.

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14 Dec 09 3 Steps Sales Process

The sale does not begin when a salesman goes out to the market and talks to the prospect, nor do they end when the deal is signed and money is taken from the prospect. This is just one part of the sales process, and a successful salesperson knows that. In this blog post, I am going to tell you about all 3 phases though which a salesperson has to pass in order to become successful in his chosen career.


Pre-sales is the phase in which a salesperson make a list of the probable buyers, qualify them, fix a meeting, and study about the prospects. This phase is important as it gives the salesperson idea about who client is, what he does, and what approach to take during the meeting.


This is the second phase where actual sales happen. A salesman meets the client, know client’s problem deliver the sales pitch presentation, tell the client about his company, offer the solution to client’s problem, ask questions, and handle objection. This phase is very important as this is the phase in which you meet the client and talk to him in person about his problems, and tell the client how the product you are offering is going to solve his problem. Do not over promise. Over delivery (delivering the solution that exceeds expectation) is great, but over promise is bad. This phase culminates with asking for order and making a sale.


This is the third and final phase of a sales process. This is a “follow-up and thank you” phase in which you, the salesperson, need to call up or write an e-mail saying thank you for his time, and if you have not yet got the order than mention that you are looking forward to serve him. And if the product was sold then you should ask the client if he or she is facing any problem with the product you sold. This is very important step and it helps you build rapport with your client.

Each step in the sales process has a role to play. Missing any of the steps is risking business.

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