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09 Dec 09 Improve Your Website’s Google Ranking

Getting more traffic to your website means improving your site’s Google ranking.  If you don’t rank well with Google, chances are your site is going to be buried behind thousands of others that have higher rankings.  The only way to get your ranking higher, is to play by the rules, and satisfy all of Google’s requirements to the best of your ability.  Here are a few ways you can do just that.

One of the key factors in how Google ranks a website, is how many other websites link back to your site.  That means networking.  Networking is an long established tool to build website traffic.  The more websites you find that are similar to yours, that are willing to exchange links, the higher your traffic is going to become.  Google ranks how well you are networked, and rewards those who network effectively.

The IP addresses of websites linking back to yours also has an effect on Google’s ranking system.  The more different IP’s that link to you, the better.  Multiple links from the same IP aren’t really factored in, as they could be considered duplicates, or falsified links.

Keyword density is also of high importance.  You want to use as many keywords as possible, without letting the quality of your content suffer.  The more keywords you have that relate to common searches, the higher Google is going to rank you.  As long as your content applies to what searchers type when searching, the more Google is going to be partial to ranking your site highly.

Make sure that you properly format your page titles to incorporate keywords.  Google puts a huge importance on what sort of keywords are in your title.  So make sure you use the important keywords that are specific to the topics you are touching upon.  Don’t be too generalized, and use specific terms that relate to your website, and what readers would be searching for.

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03 Nov 09 Role of Intuition in Web Designing

We are often led to believe that web designing is nothing but a principle-led mechanical activity, which has very little to do with creativity. Well, I do not think so. It indeed is a principal-led mechanical activity as far as laying out a final page is concerned, but laying out is not when a page is designed. Creation of a web page is nothing but the final execution of the output a designer get during the long ideation. The web page is created then only in the mind of the web designer.

Creativity plays an important role in web designing and so does intuition.

What did I say…intuition?

How could intuition possibly be related to web designing?

Role of Intuition

Well, do not get bogged down by thinking that intuition does not matter in the process of designing a website because it does and it does a great deal. Talk of anything creative and you are talking of intuition playing a role in how it comes about. In terms of web designing, intuition play a significant part when:

  • We chart out navigation map for the website. How users move from one place cannot be known by any other mean if not intuitively. You cannot explain how you know that the website visitors will go to c from a then come back to b then again to a then d and so on and so forth. An experienced web designer just knows how a visitor is going to interact with the website.
  • We chose the color scheme. Indeed color theories are there to assist us on which color will look good with which color and which will look awful. But you cannot explain why a certain type of website works well with certain color scheme, while it fails when other color scheme is chosen. And why one color scheme works well with one type of website and does not work will with another kind of website.
  • We decide the placement of elements in the website. There are many elements that are important for our website, but not all the elements will work at all places. Some elements work well when placed at the first position on above-the-fold while other works at eye-level. Can you explain why this subtle difference matter?

Can you help me find where else intuition plays an important role? Use the comment box and help me know more about this.

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21 Oct 09 3 Elements of Web Design

When a person comes to your website, what does he notices first? The quality of your content or is it the design that retains the visitors?

Well, the first thing that gets noticed is the design. People come to your website, and decide to read or leave your website on the basis of how it looks. Not on the basis of how it reads. No matter how informative your website is, or how well researched your content is, your website is not going to witness visitors, unless you have a well-designed website. If you want your website to be read, make sure that it doesn’t look visually cluttered. There are 3 elements that you need to keep in mind while designing your website.

  1. Clutter-free layout: Content is the king. No one is contesting this fact, but no one will care, if a king is draped in rags. Hence, a visually appealing website is a must. A visually heavy and informative website will have the same effect on the visitors as will have a non-informative website. In either case, the users are not going to stay on the website.
  2. Flat Navigation: Navigation of your website, as the name suggest, is the doorway through which one person travel between different pages. If you have not planned a proper link structure then your visitors will have hard time in going from one place to another. And the more difficulty they face, the quicker they will be out of the website. Navigation also helps search bots in crawling through the pages; therefore, you should avoid using JavaScript or other opaque elements in your navigation link.
  3. Awe-inspiring Over-the-fold elements: use over-the-fold space of your website to garner visitors’ interest by seeding website content that excites the visitors. Do not waste this space by explaining everything. Rather, use it to pull the visitors to the inside pages. You can use it as teaser, but be very judicious in using this space. You can also put your highest-paying ads in this space.

Along with these, there are quite a few more things that affect the quality perception of the website. Can you suggest some? Use the comment box below to add your view.

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