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05 Aug 10 Do You Care About Having a Writing Schedule?

Do you care about having a writing schedule for you, whatever that mean? Better still, should you worry about having a writing schedule? I can feel some of you nodding, and even frown on some of the faces. This has to happen. People have different opinion about having a writing schedule. Not everyone feels that one should have one.

But this is what I have to say on this. A writing schedule is must for you if you are not highly motivated writer, and who cannot start writing on the word go. And guess what most of us do not fit in this description. We all need, therefore, a writing schedule to help us perform the work we have taken ourselves.

Yes, each one of us has taken writing work on our own, no one ever have forced us to do so. I know of no parents who want their sons and daughters to become writers. It is the calling we got from inside and now as you are sunk deep into it you have started to feel lethargic. This is where a writing schedule steps in and pushes us forward, and we trod until we gain momentum.

Why to have a writing schedule?

  1. It helps us remain on course.
  2. It makes us finish our job on time.
  3. Following a writing schedule gives us freedom to do anything productive with rest of the day, which will not be the case if there is no schedule.
  4. In the absence of a schedule we end of thinking about finishing our writing assignment throughout the day, which is such a waste of time.

This is all I can think as of now. I need your help to list down all the benefits of having a writing schedule. How else do you think following a writing schedule is going to help someone? Use the comment box and send your suggestions. I am waiting impatiently to hear your ideas.

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28 Feb 10 Almost all Indians Willing to Pay Premium for Safe Food

In a global survey conducted by the Nielsen Company, it was found that 97% of Indian people consider safety of food as the most important factor when deciding where to buy food items or groceries. And 85% of them are willing to pay premium for food that is safe.

Other findings of the survey

  • 9 out of every 10 Indian (86%) think they are responsible for the safety of food they eat.
  • 6 out of 10 think it is on the food manufacturers to provide food that is safe.
  • 8% people interviewed think its retailer who should be responsible for food that is safe to eat.
  • Government was found to be the most trusted entity in terms of safe food.
  • Most of the Indians believe that the food grown in the country is safer than food imported from outside.
  • 73% people believe that some countries provide safer food than other countries.
  • 42% (6 out of 10) said they actively buy local grown food to support local farmer or producers.
  • 19% believe that locally grown food are good for their health and the health of their families.

In the absence of sample size and sample mix, this study should be taken with caution. I am not sure how deep in Indian villages did the surveyors went. In the absence of which trusting these numbers is quite hard.

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11 Oct 09 Confidence and Job Interview

Who needs more confidence to get the work done: an interviewee or a salesperson? The correct answer is both, but as we are discussing about the job interview, we will concern ourselves with the confidence of an interviewee. But before doing that let’s face this question: How many of us have felt the sweaty palm and restless mind when entering the interview room?

I bet each one of us has faced this situation once or more in our career, but some of us go through this many times in their career, and more often than most of us. I think I know why they go through such ordeal every time they are in there for the interview, and thus I am writing this post. I believe this guide will help them do away with interview syndrome, once and for all.

How to remain confident in an interview

  • Do not lie: The major reason why people feel less confident during interview than they actually are because of the lie they tell to the interviewer and the lie they wrote in the résumé. There is no point in lying because even if you get the job by lying, you will not be able to do justice to the work assigned to it, therefore, you will provide poor work, which will translate into bad review followed by firing. Now, what’s better: no job, or a résumé with a small black spot?
  • Reach the venue 30 minutes in advance: Not everyone lies in the interview, but most of us are susceptible to another flaw, which is equally harmful. Always reach your the interview venue 30 minutes in advance and familiarize yourself with the surrounding, so that you can feel at home.
  • Research the company: You are expected to know a bit about the company you are into. The knowledge shows your interest in the work, and the absence of it suggests that the company you are in at that point of time is just one of the many companies where you just dropped in with a hope to get hired. No one likes to have discarded employee.
  • Know your stuff: If you do not know your stuff then you should not go to the interview table. Your interviewer is your prospective employer, so he will ask you all sorts of questions related to the work you will handle in his company. If you fumble in answering to his satisfaction, consider the interview over, and do not wait for any call because there will be no call.
  • Be yourself: I will not ask you to put a broad grin or ear-to-ear smile on your face, and I will also not ask you to sit too straight and crush the interviewer’s hand with the sheer power of your palm just to say how confident you are. By doing all this, you will sound nothing but just an idiot who does not know manners. Hence, I will suggest you to forget what you have learned from the success coaches and be yourself. Do not try to be anyone, you will never succeed. Oscar Wilde once said, “Be yourself, everyone else is taken.”

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