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08 Sep 11 Why You Should Hire A Professional Web Content Writer?

Web content writing is not just another commercial writing. It is something unique, requires specialized skills, knowledge and understanding of the media. Never rope in any casual writer for your web content, as you can’t afford to mess up your website; it is your identity before the entire world. Here are some reasons, why you should hire a professional web content writer.

Understanding of Internet, Websites

Most importantly, why you should rope in a professional web content writer is because of his or her understanding of the Internet medium, websites and what people look forward to from a website. Internet works very differently from other forms of media. Attention span on Internet is limited, cluttered by too many websites around and plenty of distractions. Websites need not only stand out from designing point of view, but also from content’s context. Flawless grammar, crispy writing style, excellent vocabulary, and power packed message should be integral part of your web content. A professional web content writer also knows how a reader reads on Internet, how long one can read and at what point one needs to break the ice. A web content writer knows how websites vary in style and what makes a good site stand out from the rest.

Beyond just writing

A good web content writer can be of immense help, besides just writing. A good web content writer knows tricks of web writing, how many words should be there in a paragraph, how long people can read at a stretch on a page, what kind of messages or web content work well with the target audience, how eyes move through a website, where images need to be placed in a web page, which topic needs how much write up etc. A professional web content writer comes with years of experience in working with other websites or seeing many other good websites. He may also help you in conceptualizing some new ideas for your website.

Flawless work

When you choose a random writer and do not look for a specialized web content writer, there are always chances of errors, confusion and lot of tension. Why would you settle for an average work or hire another proof reader to keep a check on your website, just for the sake of saving few bucks? Instead hire a professional writer who can deliver flawless work, has good writing style, has good command on language and grammar and can deliver good work seeking no further supervision.

Prompt delivery of work

Prompt delivery of work is very essential to every project. There are times, when a project requires very prompt delivery and only a skilled professional web content writer can work good even under time constraints since he has years of experience and need not do much effort for the same.

So don’t make the mistake of hiring an average random writer. Go for a specialized web content writer only.

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05 Mar 11 How to Begin Your Freelance Writing Career

The growth of the Internet has translated into increase in demand for content producer, which means a lot of demand for writers. If you are a writer than you are born in the right time, as there is no dearth of writing assignment and you do not need to write a book or a play to live off your writing talent. And if you have not started yet then this article will help you start out, so start your journey.

Master the art of writing for web

Writing for web is remarkably different than writing for print, as the attention span of people on the web is pretty short. You need to write using bullet points, headings, subheadings, images, etc.

Master the art of writing headline

A headline is very important in increasing the open rate of your content. You may get the best ranking for all the keywords, but if you do not have an attractive headline, your article will not get read. You should know how to write killer headlines.

Learn a bit about keywords and SEO

A little knowledge of SEO and keywords is required for all online writers, as keywords are the basis on which the entire web is organized. You should educate yourself on these two.

Prepare a portfolio

Writing is an art, and you are an artist. And an artist who does not have anything to show cannot support his claim of producing a fantastic piece of art. You should, therefore, prepare a portfolio keeping everything that I talked above. This will be your asset that you will need to show your clients.

Write a cover letter

A cover letter is like a direct sales letter. It either persuades your prospective clients to see your portfolio, or it can bore them to death. Many a freelancing assignments are made or broken at this level only. So spend good deal of time in creating a killer cover letter that can literally pull your clients with hands and make them read your sample articles.

You should follow the above given suggestions to start a freelance career. You can add some more items to your preparation, but you should not remove any. Each one of them is important. Very important!

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04 Jun 10 Essentials of Effective Advertisement Copy

Advertising profession aspirants often blindly jump into copywriting and then find themselves misfit for the same. Good writing skill, command on language and vocabulary are just not enough for it. Advertising copywriting seeks really different aptitudes. It seeks sense of humor, understanding of the consumer insight, and understanding of the market, playful attitude, sense of music, understanding of art and guts to experiment.

An effective advertisement copy is the one which successfully draws attention of its target audience, creates a favorable attitude towards the product and induces action. A good copy should have the following basic requisites.

It should be brief

Most important criteria for copywriting is the ability to craft short, crisp yet extremely interesting lines. That’s one major quality that copywriters often boast upon the content writers. Since our attention span is getting shorter day by day and readers prefer short, crisp advertisements it’s always recommended to keep the copy short and compact.

It should be simple and clear

Advertisements are means of communication and not means of confusion. So avoid the temptation of writing big, mouthful heavy words for the sake of showing your words prowess. Advertisements should be easily comprehensible, self-explanatory. Avoid ambiguous, incorrect words.

It should be apt

Copy should never be irrelevant to the target audience or the product category. Often the copywriter overlooks consumers or the product and get obsessed with the ambition of crafting award winning lines. An effective ad carries copy which matches with its consumers’ insight, product features and adds panache of creativity. Objective of the advertisement is not to be forgotten.

It should be personal

An effective ad is the one which portrays that it’s just talking to you. It carries personal touch. Words like ‘you’, ‘yours’ instead of a general message addressing all definitely works better.

It should be honest

Often advertising is accused of being manipulative and deceptive. But to remain in the business for a long run companies should always put forth honest and truthful communication. Communication can be wise and playful but not deceptive. It should not leave consumers with a false or wrong idea.

It should conform to the norms

All advertisements are supposed to conform to the standards, rules and regulations set by the advertising council of the country. Morally offending, community or religion humiliating, distasteful advertisement copies are banned all over.

An effective and nicely crafted copy is the backbone of any advertising communication.

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