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23 Dec 10 Tips for Website Content Writing

It’s not only web design which counts but the content too. Web design may give a good feel about the website and draw attention in the beginning, but if it lacks good content people will leave it immediately and won’t refer to it again in future. Web content writing is very important task to captivate visitors in a website, since poor content takes only few minutes to make the visitor bid adieu forever. Don’t forget even one single line of trash write up can spoil a reader’s mood. Be very careful while crafting web content. Here are few simple tips for your help.

Keep it simple and relevant

Simplicity is the key to success of web writing. Unless your message is well comprehended by all, the whole purpose of writing will go in vain. Keep it simple yet strong, crisp yet impactful, creative yet relevant. No one is interested in reading pages after pages, so keep it short but powerful, including all important things you wish to communicate to your visitor. You can’t beat around the bushes and for the sake of creativity commit the mistake of losing focus. Stick to your topic, stay relevant.

It should be informative

Often web contents are seen repetitive, vague, and lacking concrete substance. But if a website is not informative, doesn’t convey anything meaningful even a good style of writing can go wasted. So, know what all to be included, what are the important points and include them all. Don’t beat around the bushes.

Make it tightly knit and avoid disconnection

Structure your write up properly, in a smooth flow moving from one thought to another. One sentence should be well connected to the next, but shouldn’t convey the same thing. A well-knit writing with a smooth flow will make reading pleasurable and beneficial for the reader. There shouldn’t be any disconnection. Many writers often use too many conjunctions to make the write up well-knit. But conjunctions show writer’s weakness. Instead, you may change paragraphs to convey different things.

Next time keep these few simple tips in mind while writing web content. It will be easier for you to craft captivating and effective web content.

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26 Sep 09 5 More Ways to Improve Your Writing Part-VII

In this episode of the mini-series 5 ways to improve your writing, I will talk about you. Yes, about you and about your habits that are stopping you from being a better writer. Let’s go straight to see what changes you need to bring in you to become a better writer.

One task at a time

Multi-tasking is not always good. Not at least when you are trying to write something. You should de-clutter your surrounding and focus on one thing at a time. This way you will be able to produce a quality work. Mono-tasking is what you should be aspiring for. Set some time aside to write without interruption.

Recognize your fear and overcome it

We all have fear of failure, but at the same time we can even give credit to these unwarranted fears for some of our big successes; still I will not suggest harboring any fear. You should know what you are scared of, and work on eliminating those objects or subjects. If the problem is skill related then you should take a course or undergo a training that will help you overcome that fear, and if it is attitude related then make yourself strong and ward the fear off.

Wake and write

The very first thing that you do in the morning should be writing. This is the hour of the day when you will have very little on the mind, so you can focus more at that time. Try doing it tomorrow, and see the difference.

Do not wait for the deadline

You cannot produce a world class article, news, or story when a sword of deadline is hanging over your head. You should start writing days in advance, do not wait for the deadline to show its ugly face before you write for a client.

Introduce yourself as a writer

Tell people that you are a writer. This will be a good confidence booster. Whenever you meet people, do not beat around the bushes, come straight forward, shake their hands and say you write.  Isn’t it a very simple way to boost your morale?

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