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09 Nov 09 The Process of Writing

Writing is an art. There is no denial about that. No one can contest this fact, but there is some pattern to it. There is a particular way in which we approach writing, and that gives writing a being-a-science feel. The idea part of the writing is creative, but the process of writing is scientific. In this article, we will see the scientific part of the writing, i.e., process of writing.

Stages of writing

The process of writing can be divided into three stages. These are:

  • Pre-writing
  • Writing
  • Editing and Proofreading

Let’s discuss each one of them in brief.


Pre-writing is the phase in which we ideate about what we have to write. We prepare a structured layout of the piece we have to write. In this stage, we accomplish the following things:

  • We find the topic to write on.
  • We research the topic.
  • Read some articles on the topic.
  • We brainstorm and jot down in bullet points the things that should go in writing..
  • Prepare a layout of which point will go where. It is in the pre-writing stage that most of the writing happens.


This is the phase in which you give shape to the ideas generated in the pre-writing phase. In this phase, concentrate on the writing only, do not go for editing or anything like that. Write through the end without worrying about the errors in this phase.

Editing and proofreading

This is the phase in which we give final touch to our written piece. We make the changes if required, proofread it for grammatical, structure and punctuation errors. You can also shift sentences or paragraphs up and down to make the article more cohesive.

Any writing, no matter what you are writing, follows these steps. Some writer follow these steps intuitively, i.e., in their minds, while other have to use paper and pen to go through these.

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