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09 Nov 10 PPC Ad Writing Tips

You do not get enough space to write 500+ word long sales letter when asked to write a PPC ad for your client, or even for your business. The space is limited, and to make profound impact using that space, you will need to be clever with the words. Just arranging any words, I know you call it a sentence, will not cut it for a PPC market in 2010 and beyond. It has become fiercer. You need to be creative, and have to think out of the box; rather, deny the existence of the box itself.

The tips I am going to share below will help you in that.

PPC ads writing tips

  1. Do not be verbose. Sometimes saying less actually creates more impact. What could be more effective than Nike’s Just Do It, and Apple’s Think Different?
  2. Add powerful call to action in the body of a PPC ad.
  3. Do not use your PPC ad as a sales engine. It will prove to be very ineffective sales engine. I would recommend you to use it as a hook to pull visitors to your website. The single goal of your ad should be to make visitors click the ad. Leave rest on your website’s copy.
  4. If you are a B2B wholesaler, use the order size so that people looking for one piece do not click and waste your money. You can say something like, minimum lot: 1000 pieces, or no retail inquiry, etc. Including lot size is a nice strategy to keep B2C customers from clicking your ads.
  5. Write multiple versions of a PPC ad, and send all live, do the testing, and keep the ones that converts well.
  6. Use action words and active voice. Do not use passive voice in your PPC ads. It will not get you desired result.
  7. Flaunt awards and recognitions, if they matter to end users.

These are some key rules of writing PPC ads. Do not tamper with any of the above. You will soon see the result.

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25 Nov 09 Why the data between the newspaper readership and and advertising revenue is not complementing each other? why is such a huge gap?

Two recent studies: one done by Scarborough Research about newspaper readership and another by Newspaper Association of America has quote to different yet related information about the condition of the newspaper business in the United States.

The latest Integrated Newspaper Audience study by Scarborough Research has found that nearly three-fourth (74%) of American adults still read newspaper. Not only that, the readership of newspaper is found to be higher among educated and affluent class – indeed, this is not surprising, but despite all thee the revenue of newspaper is falling by 28% as revealed by the Newspaper Association of America in its recent data.

Findings of Scarborough Research

  • 79% of adults with white-collar jobs read newspaper in print or online.
  • 82% of adults that has household income of more than $100,000 read newspaper in print or online.
  • 84% of people who have completed their graduation or have any advance degree reads newspaper in print or online.

According to the Newspaper Association of America total advertising revenue is down by 28% in the third quarter of 2009 in comparison to the revenue in the third quarter of 2008 (from $10.1 billion to $6.4 billion).

What does this mean?

This mean that despite users being confident about the content provided in the newspaper, advertisers are not playing ball. They are not investing. In my view there could be two reasons for that:

  • Advertisers have started to believe that one who reads newspaper do not pay any particular attention to the ads inserted in it, or they are too forgetful to remember anything once they put the newspaper down.
  • They have become cautious of greenery shown by Madison Avenue, as unlike the Internet, they have no way of knowing who is viewing what.

The newspaper industry needs to learn to provide measurable value, if it does not want to become extinct.

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14 Sep 09 Make Money Off Your Blog

Making money off of a blog is a fine art, and one that takes a lot of time and effort as well as practice.  When you’re making a blog specifically to make money, you really need to know your stuff, and produce content people want to read.  So first you’ll want to look for a niche that you can fill that you feel the internet could use.  Something that you care about and won’t mind writing about everyday.  A good blog fills a niche, and stays on topic in interesting and intriguing ways.

Once you’ve got your niche idea, you need a place to make a blog.  You can start your own by hosting the blog on your own server with your own web address, but this could be extremely costly.  The best idea is to go to a place like Blogspot, or WordPress to start out in building your audience.  Membership is free, and make the process of designing your blog as quick and painless as possible.

Now you just need to pick a good theme that invites people into your world.  This way your blog is visually appealing.  By being pleasing to the eye, people will be more likely to actually read what you have written.  Which is the other key to a good blog, good writing.  The writing is what people come to see, so make sure yours is worth their time.  Be informative and interesting, with a healthy dose of entertainment.  That’s the recipe for blog writing success.

Now you need to find a good program for putting ads on your site.  Most people go through Google’s Adsense, as it’s the easiest and fastest to use.  Adsense works by giving you money anytime someone clicks on an ad on your site.  You can earn anywhere from $.01 to $15 per click.  Ad placement is a fine art as well, so choose ads that relate to your site, so that people will be more likely to click on them.

From there it’s just about networking yourself.  Try and make friends with other people in the industry, as part of the success of established bloggers is through other blogs.  By making a network you benefit off of everyone’s traffic.  Through exchanging links with a blog similar to yours, you allow yourself to be noticed by the more successful blogs readership, affording you the opportunity to get yourself noticed.  The more traffic you can generate, the more chances you have for ad clicks.  So choose your ads wisely, and build that blog traffic!

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