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04 Jul 10 Is Translation Superior to Writing?

Writing has been an integral part of human development. Whether etching on stone caves or using papyrus, expressing ones thoughts and research has continued through ages. Translation may not be as old, but some experts feel that penning down ones thought process into words is in itself translation. You may add that translation cannot exist without original written text, but you cannot deny the fact that translation has an edge over writing.

Translation Forming a Strong Foothold in Various Spheres

With globalization, translation is becoming a pre-requisite for business giants and small businesses alike. With the multi-national companies’ culture catching up pace all over the world, businesses need translators to help out with documents in foreign languages. Be it medicine, information technology, finance or banking, translation is required for efficient execution of business marketing strategy and business communication in different countries.

Translation is Superior to Writing

Translation is an Art form like writing. The fact that translation has caught up the required admiration pretty recently – due to global trade liberalization and extensive tourism – cannot diminish its importance as an Art.

A translator needs to know the target language, source language, and the subject of the written text to absorb the essence of the text. To attain the required effect it is expected of a translator to know the socio-cultural context of both the languages. A writer, on the other hand, requires knowing just one language which forms the base of the subject.

Furthermore, translation is confined to the text in the source language. A translator has no liberty to intervene with his own personal opinion or innovate with the subject matter, yet has to be creative with the target language. A creative writer is in no way bound by any such compulsion and is free to ascribe feelings to its words.

Translation is nothing but a mouth piece of an original writing. It is not plain mechanical function of rendering text from one language to another, but a complicated skilled task of bringing out the true soul of the original writing into the text of the target language.

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25 Sep 09 5 More Ways to Improve Your Writing Part-VI

Inspiration plays a big role in the process of writing, and every writer is looking for that fleeting moment of insight, or a bright flash of revelation to get inspired and create his or her magnum opus. There is two ways to get inspired: one is to sit leisurely and wait for that fleeting moment that occurs once in a life time for a common man, or to actively search for inspiration. This post will talk about the places where you can look for inspiration.

Indulge in other art form

There is much more to this world then writing, writing techniques, and grammar. Learn music, read history, admire art, visit art galleries, touch a sculpture, or see people dance. These art forms entertain you and fill you with energy to write and think. Isn’t it inspiration? If not then let me tell you nothing is.

Consume audio podcast

Everyone who makes a podcast is not a jerk. I know you always secretly believed it. There are quite a many brilliant people in this industry. Listen to at least one of them, and do it regularly. Your mind will never cease to be amazed on the quality of ideas you will get.

Write a journal

Yes, this time the inspiration will come from within you. Writing a journal will help you find things from your own life on which you can write. Everyone is a story, and as a writer you are an anthology, so look no further.

Write your feelings down

Feeling is at the root of stories that we write, therefore, having a journal of feelings will help you write well. While writing down feelings, also write the occasion and reason, these will help you understand the feeling and context when you come back to the journal.

Sort out your thoughts

This is another place where you did not look when you were searching for inspiration. That slimy thing between your ears is very powerful, make use of it. Write down all the brief or long thoughts that come to you, and come back to the list every week. This will help you a lot in finding the writing ideas.

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22 Sep 09 5 More Ways to Improve Your Writing Part-IV

Writing is an art, and like a visual artist, you need to painstakingly craft each sentence than each paragraph. The beauty of art lies in precision of techniques, attentions to details, and appropriate use of devices. This holds true with writing as well. In this article, I will share 5 tips that will make your writing appear like an art form.

Find an audience and kill them

Well, this is known to all the fiction writers, especially poets. Nobody likes to read or listen to anyone else’s piece, until and unless he is Dan Brown or Paulo Coelho. It will take some persuading before you can read your work to anyone, even to your cat, but you must do it, in order to figure out the issues with your writing. For now, you just need listeners, not their feedbacks.

Discount 10 percent words

This is something worth doing. I know you will feel the pang as everyone of us does, but always remember your goal is not to create a piece full of sentences, but to create a beautiful work of art with only required number of sentences. Do not fall in love with sentences; fall in love with your overall piece, and attempt to make the whole piece look good.

Hear what they say

A good writer takes cues from the real life, and listening to others will give you many. Overhear others, if you need to, because you can get the best insight only by becoming invisible observer.

Observe how they talk

Not only the contents of their talks are important, but the style used to convey the message is equally important. This will tell you how to say it.

Read, read and study

To make your writing shine like the writing of masters, you will need to study the works of great writers. Do not limit yourself to reading great writers, read bad ones as well. To be able to differentiate chaff from wheat, you need to know what is what.

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