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19 Jan 10 Developing Ideas To Write About

A large part of being a better writer involves how you manage your ideas.  There will be times where you feel you just can’t think of anything to write about, and how you work through them is extremely important.  For any freelance writer, or blogger, and even website owner, keeping the new ideas flowing is where your money comes from.  So how do you keep the well from going dry?

Well for starters, carry a notebook with you wherever you go.  Of course in the modern age of technology, a smart phone or a PDA can serve the same purpose.  Anything that enables you to quickly jot down an idea while you’re on the run.  Frequently ideas hit us whey you’d least expect, and you have to be ready to write down that idea so that you can save it for use when you have the time.  That’s one of the best ways to stay fresh and full of new concepts.

Make sure that you read as often as possible.  For a writer, reading is a great weapon because gaining knowledge influences you to think.  With that thinking about a certain piece you’ve read, comes new ideas or concepts you’ll be motivated to write about.

Try having a running dialogue with someone else in the industry, or even the audience of where you write.  See what their feelings are on your writing, or what’s going on in the common culture that relates to what you write.  That can give you plenty of ideas because you’ll see how someone else thinks.  That may influence you to write a new topic, or an old topic rewritten from a different point of view.

Always keep up on the news as much as possible.  Current events are what get the most reads, because the majority of internet searchers are looking for information regarding news.  Keeping current, and relevant to where the world is in this instant is key.  Plus all the different news stories are bound to influence something that you’ll want to write about.

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10 Jan 10 5 traits of Quality Content

How do you define quality? Think hard. Well, we cannot define quality in the absolute terms. We define it by saying how one thing is in comparison to certain benchmark. It holds true for content as well. Quality of content is not known, and no one can tell you the formula to create quality content.

But, I can tell you about the traits that are common among all types of quality content.

Traits of quality content

  • Not repetitive: This is the first trait of quality content. It is not repetitive. If your article touches upon topics that are not or rarely written before than you will be considered authority in your field.
  • Well researched: A high quality article is often well-researched. It does not dwell on the “as I think,” “I believe,” “I suspect” statements. It is also often supported by links and bibliography
  • Entertainment quotient: Quality content is high on entertainment, regardless of complexity of the topic it covers. Writer of an entertaining article uses simple language and humor to keep the tone light when he describes complex topic. Humor is important.
  • All-inclusive: Do not rush for finishing an article soon. Try to cover every aspect of a topic that you are writing about. A good article goes beyond 500 words and covers almost every aspect of the topic at hand.
  • News with a view: Breaking news is not forte of every blogger. Most of the bloggers cannot do that as they do not have right people at the right place, therefore, you should consider elaborating on the breaking news with your unique view on the topic. Think hard, you will develop a point of view.
  • Thought-provoking: An article that stirs your thought or gives you a critical outlook about the subject at hand can be clubbed with quality articles. A quality article also gives a new point of view or tends to challenge the assumption held by people at large.

Next time when you write check your content for these traits.

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13 Nov 09 5 Types of Freelance Writing Jobs

Not everyone has to be a blogger, and article writer to succeed as a freelance writer. There are many more types of freelance writing jobs that one can do. In this post, I will talk about 5 types of freelance writing jobs that you can apply for.

Article writing

If you can write a well-researched article on the given topic then this is the job you have been waiting for. Many people needs 500+ words articles on various subjects, and if you think you can provide a well-crafted article then tell them about your desire to help. And also provide some samples of your previous work.


Blogging is another thing that a freelance writer can do. You can either write your own blog or work as a staff blogger for big and established blogs. As a staff blogger, you are supposed to write a predetermined number of posts per day, and for that you may get paid on per blog post basis, or on per month basis. You can have more than one blogging job at one time.

Résumé writing

If you know how to create a well-crafted CV then the world of jobseekers is waiting for you. Seeing the competition for each vacant seat, everyone wants his CV to stand out from the crowd and for this one seeks professional help. You need to know what kind of CV works for what industry to succeed as a professional Résumé writer.

Press release writing

A press release is as important for a web-based company as it is for any brick and mortar company. Press release writing is a specialized task, and if you know how to write one then the world is waiting for you. Well, not exactly, but still there are plenty of press release works available both online and offline.

Web content writing

Whoever needs a website, needs content for the website. You can also choose this niche, if you know how to express everything a company needs to say using the given number of words than this is the right kind of writing job for you. You may also need to write about terms & conditions, FAQS, and help pages for the company along with home pages, services, and about us page.

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