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26 Nov 10 How Email Marketing ROI Is Perceived At Budget Time

How is email marketing perceived at the time of budget? And does maturity phase have anything to do with the perception a company has about email marketing?

How is email marketing perceived at the time of budget? And does maturity phase have anything to do with the perception a company has about email marketing?

These are the questions many online marketers are struggling with, as this knowledge will help them grow their business. To answer this question, MarketingSherpa has conducted a study titled MarketingSherpa Email Marketing Benchmark Survey by taking a sample size of more than 1,100 marketers.

The study result showed that only 38% have said that the company seemed in favor of increasing the email marketing budget in the strategic phase, as they see value in it. But this enthusiasm was not seen in transition and trail phase.

The percentage of marketers who showed reluctance to increase the budget (yet did so) in maturity phase was 38%, in trial phase this percentage shoots up to 41, and in transition phase this percentage was highest (43%).

Total percentage of marketers who refused to invest in email marketing in maturity phase was 24%, and 38% refused to give any money in transition phase, whereas, 40% reflected negative vibes in trial phase (see image).


As per the study, the decision makers seemed to be divided in their views on email marketing expenditure, but the data suggested that more and more people are willing to embrace it. It’s a piece of good news for the industry.

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16 Nov 10 E-mail Marketing – What Is Its Place in Your Marketing Budget?

The question posed in the title has more to do with the actual place in the budget document than has to do with the amount allocated for e-mail marketing. In an attempt to find how important e-mail marketing is for an organization, MarketingSherpa, an online market research company, has asked 1,500 email marketers for MarketingSherpa Email Marketing Benchmark Survey the following question:

Q. Does your organization have a separate line item for email marketing in the budget?

The answer to this has unearthed the place of email marketing in a budget document. Finding it was important to see if email marketing is given due weight or not.

47% of total respondents said that e-mail marketing is not listed separately in the budget, whereas, 32% said that it is explicitly mentioned as a line within interactive marketing budget. 13% said that it is mentioned within CRM, or customer services heading, while 9% said it is mentioned under lead generation heading. (See image).


What all these mean?

Finding it was important because the place of email marketing in the budget document suggests how a company perceives it, and how much budget is going to be appropriated to it. For example, a company may invest more in email marketing if it sees it as a lead generation tool, but the company may pump in less cash, if it is seen as just another marketing channel. In this case, the company may decide to cut on some other channel to fuel email marketing, or vice versa.

This knowledge was therefore important. It was not mere of academic interest.

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