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27 Oct 09 Cold Calling For Jobs

It takes a great amount of confidence to cold call for jobs, but the rewards greatly justify the means.  By cold calling you open up opportunities that haven’t been advertised at a corporation.  Through this you beat the horde of applicants that come with any job, and showcase your commitment to work by looking for a job when you’re not sure one is available.  That says to any company that you want to work for them, and in any hiring situation that plays in your favor every time.

So for starters, what is cold calling?  Well put simply it’s literally calling companies you would be interested in working for, to inquire about jobs.  Most of the time these companies don’t have any open positions listed, but that does not mean that there are no positions available.  A company doesn’t always get around to announcing a job opening straight away.  By calling before the position is announced, you put yourself into the running before anyone else is even considered.

Beware that in most cases your call may be met with negativity.  The person you are calling oftentimes has an unwillingness to comply with anything you have to say.  This is usually just because they are busy, and see your call as an inconvenience.  But don’t get down on yourself for this.  Stay positive and recognize that the negativity from them is not personal, and has nothing to do with you.  Continue your inquiry, stay polite and courteous, and if there really is no chance of an available job, just move to your next possibility.

Remember to stay positive, and keep trying.  Oftentimes you can end up on a call back list for potential employees when a position does become available.  It’s always good to have on file that you were interested in working for them before a job was vacant.

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17 May 09 Cold Calling: How to?

In the last article on cold calling we discussed about the efficacy of cold calling techniques, and when we can use it. In this article, we will discuss about the structure of a cold call. Indeed, given the brevity of time that we get in a cold call, we need to structuralize the communication we have in order to create interest. You can consider using the following structure while making the cold call. These are the crucial steps that must be followed while making a cold call.

1. Begin with telling your name and company’s name, and do it as succinctly as you can.

2. Use this brief moment to gain access to more time, may be 45-50 seconds more. This can only be done, if you address the client’s problem in one single line. You got me right. You will need to do some research before making the cold call. No blind cold calls please!

3. Once you got the time you asked for, get directly to the point and build the case, so that you can get a chance to have a face to face meeting.

4. Give some detail about the problem you seek to address and hide some details. The idea is to build curiosity.

5. Let the client take the lead. Your objective is to get to the meeting table, not to practice the one-upmanship.

6. No one likes pushy sales person, so hang up if the person is not interested.

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