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08 Jul 11 Online Promotion tips for an E-book Reader

E-reading devices have witnessed growing popularity in recent time; irrespective of age, location and sex. Since this device comes really handy, and can be used to read e-books at any point of time, anywhere without any hassle. But the market has many e-book readers available, coming from giant companies. How do you think your eBook reader will combat the competition and draw sales? Here are some promotional tips for your help.

Interactive website

To really stand out from the competition you need an attractive website, which is highly interactive and self explicit. Don’t forget if the product, its usage and features don’t look attractive enough no one will buy it. So make sure display picture looks alluring, illustrating its features in detail. People should be able to further zoom in to the picture, rotate it, and see from every corner in detail. Point out all parts and their functions. There should be couple of videos showcasing demonstration, usage and testimonials of users. You may also include some quality test videos in your website to appear credible.

Some discount

When big dads are around and you are constantly threatened you have to offer your product at a reasonably lower price to appeal to the mass.

Advertise at e-book selling sites

There are many instances when people buy e-books or avail free open source download sites. If you advertise your book reader device there, you are actually talking to your right target market. You have banged right on your target. Make sure your advertisement is attractive and easily grabs attention. Many e-book buyers may use computer or laptop to read a book and are looking for a good reading device. In such case your advertisement can’t escape their attention. You may have a tie up with the website in particular and offer good discount to the people who will buy within some given time.

Testimonial reviews

Reviews of past buyers and users can be extremely helpful for you. Motivate your users to write honest reviews. You may display them in your website or advertisements.

YouTube videos

Start circulating videos in and other popular video directories. People quite often check out new devices in these sites. You may display operational videos, testimonial videos, quality check videos, expert videos, research videos etc. The more people know about you, will find you transparent, credible and worth buying. People may comment there are put their queries, make sure you answer them all.


Last but not the least; make your website search engine optimized. Optimize keywords effectively. If people are looking for an eBook reader your name should come in the first page preferably. A high ranking in search engine helps to secure good traffic.

Start promoting your e-book reader device today.

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06 Dec 09 Why E-Book Readers Got More Male Buyers Than Female?

In a research conducted by Mediamark Research & Intelligence, it was found that more males than the females are using e-book readers in the United States. Why is it so? Why despite women being more into books and reading are not using electronic book reading devices? And why male members of society who read less than their female counterpart reads (or buys) more e-book readers?

The possible explanation to this could be their (male members) love for the gadgets or say everything that is electronic. And may be (here I am guessing), the men’s love for gadgets has put the other half of their life away from it. After all, it is the matter of attention: who is paying attention to what.

Research findings

  • 56.3% of e-book are men, where as female constitutes the rest 43.7% of the readers.
  • Adults aged between 35-54 are 20% more likely to buy an e-book readers.
  • 87% of the e-book readers have annual household income of more than $100,000.
  • 11% of the e-book reader are more likely to own their home in comparison to average US adult.
  • 111% are more likely to have a graduate or post graduate degree than average American.


The study should also have concentrated on finding the following:

  • How many e-book owners actually read books on the device?
  • How many hours do they spend on reading anything on the reader?
  • How does owning an e-book reader have affected their reading habit? Have they started to read more or got so intoxicated by the device that actual reading has gone down?

The result will then give the actual figure of e-book readership. The current study has just given a figure of how many people own an e-book reader.

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