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25 Jun 11 4 Essentials of Advertisement Copywriting

Advertisements are informative, amusing, entertaining, creative, thoughtful and a brand’s face before the world. The man behind conceptualizing and making an advertisement is known as the copywriter. A copywriter writes destiny of an advertisement. This art of writing is much different from other forms of commercial writing. It calls for different sets of aptitude, skills and expertise. Here are some essential skills a good copywriter must possess.

Good hold on vocabulary

If you are an aspirant copywriter, your command over the language has to be excellent. You just can’t afford to mess with your language skill. Learn new words, expand your vocabulary. You may read lot. Don’t get too choosy. Read everything – journals, novels, blogs, dailies, articles. The more you read, better will be your vocabulary. Keep a dictionary handy. Refer to it whenever you find a new word.  You should know as many words as possible, then only you can use them effectively. Learn multiple languages if you can.

Sense of humor

A good copywriter needs to possess great sense of humor. If one is not born with it, he or she can cultivate it with time. If one has a good grasp of humor it is easily reflected in his advertisements, as advertising needs to be entertaining and catchy. It calls for wit, humor. Sense of humor helps in twisting and turning words, creating pun and arresting concept. See humorous films, shows.

Understanding of art

Well, a copywriter doesn’t write only. He conceptualizes and writes. And many times a concept has no copy, is just art driven. So copywriter needs a good understanding of art. Even an advertisement with copy needs to relate to the image. If copywriter doesn’t understand art, an advertisement can be complete clueless and mismatch.

Understanding of the viewer

Copywriter needs to understand the market, customers, audiences’ psyche and competition. Without understanding the trend, societal outlook, audiences’ psyche a copywriter can’t create a good advertisement or connect to the audience. A copywriter can be fatal for the brand, if tries to remain firm with his own style and doesn’t consider the brand or its target people.

You should not overlook any of the above-given tips when writing copy for an ad campaign.

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