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26 Jan 10 Using Google Adwords To Drive Traffic

Using Google Adwords to drive traffic to your website is a great idea.  But there are also a lot of pitfalls that can harm your campaign, and cause all of your efforts to fail.  Using Adwords is somewhat a fine tuned science.  Google Adwords allows you to pay a nominal fee via Google’s service, for every time a webpage reader clicks on your advertisement.  Your ads will go on corresponding pages that relate to your content, based upon which keywords you choose.  The main thing to understand about Adwords is that you want to carefully target your campaign, otherwise you run the risk of paying for clicks that aren’t worth the money.

-Using too many keywords is one of the number one mistakes that many Adwords users make.  You want to stay away from generic keywords, and stick only to keywords that directly pertain to your ad.  Otherwise you’ll have a lot of clicks from readers that were misled, that don’t amount to anything.

-Remember to use your relevant keywords in your ad title and description.  A big mistake is forgetting to do this, and then you have an ad that doesn’t seem to pertain to what a reader is currently surfing.  The whole point of Adwords is to hitch onto keywords on other sites for your ads.  Leaving those keywords out means that your ad is less likely to be noticed.

-Walk that fine line between clarity and keyword density.  Your keyword should be prevalent so that any searchers have no trouble running into your ad, but don’t overload your statements so that the keyword is senselessly repeated too many times.

-Always track your results, if one keyword set up isn’t working switch to a different one.  There’s no sense in continuing a campaign that hasn’t been fruitful.  That’s just beating a dead horse.  Instead, try different things if you’re not seeing the results you want.

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21 Dec 09 Why Watching Movie is Important For a Writer

Where I come from, a kid is not allowed to watch much of the television, at least not in my time. Kids have to sneak in their home’s living room when no one is around. This was done to save the young from damaging effect of television soaps. I do not think stopping a kid from watching television or movie is completely wise as it may stifle the imagination.

As a writer (freelance, web or otherwise), are you doing it to yourself?

Are you stopping yourself from consuming those lovely shows and soaps that you always liked?
If you are doing this then it is a big mistake, a huge one. You need to stop at once and start indulging in movies, soaps, and plays.


A movie is a fertile ground for a writer to learn trick of the trade. It teaches you many things including:

  • Character sketching
  • Emotional responses
  • Dialogue writing
  • Scene creation
  • Story telling

And along with these story mechanics, a good movie also tells you:

  • How to engage an audience?
  • How to make them wanting for more?
  • What words to use to strike chord with the audience?
  • What style of narrative to use for the problem at hand?

A movie also tells you about your market and about what words to use, what kind of sentences to construct, and how long or short sentences and paragraphs should be. One also learns the art of creating favorable ambience to get the emotional response sought by the article.

It is very important for you as a student of writing to watch movie and learn from it. Be a keen observer, and do not just consume a movie, observe it. In order to learn something from the movie, you have to dissect the various scene and emotional responses that led to the dramatic ending the movie had. You can then use it to create the experience you want in your audience.

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