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25 Jun 11 4 Essentials of Advertisement Copywriting

Advertisements are informative, amusing, entertaining, creative, thoughtful and a brand’s face before the world. The man behind conceptualizing and making an advertisement is known as the copywriter. A copywriter writes destiny of an advertisement. This art of writing is much different from other forms of commercial writing. It calls for different sets of aptitude, skills and expertise. Here are some essential skills a good copywriter must possess.

Good hold on vocabulary

If you are an aspirant copywriter, your command over the language has to be excellent. You just can’t afford to mess with your language skill. Learn new words, expand your vocabulary. You may read lot. Don’t get too choosy. Read everything – journals, novels, blogs, dailies, articles. The more you read, better will be your vocabulary. Keep a dictionary handy. Refer to it whenever you find a new word.  You should know as many words as possible, then only you can use them effectively. Learn multiple languages if you can.

Sense of humor

A good copywriter needs to possess great sense of humor. If one is not born with it, he or she can cultivate it with time. If one has a good grasp of humor it is easily reflected in his advertisements, as advertising needs to be entertaining and catchy. It calls for wit, humor. Sense of humor helps in twisting and turning words, creating pun and arresting concept. See humorous films, shows.

Understanding of art

Well, a copywriter doesn’t write only. He conceptualizes and writes. And many times a concept has no copy, is just art driven. So copywriter needs a good understanding of art. Even an advertisement with copy needs to relate to the image. If copywriter doesn’t understand art, an advertisement can be complete clueless and mismatch.

Understanding of the viewer

Copywriter needs to understand the market, customers, audiences’ psyche and competition. Without understanding the trend, societal outlook, audiences’ psyche a copywriter can’t create a good advertisement or connect to the audience. A copywriter can be fatal for the brand, if tries to remain firm with his own style and doesn’t consider the brand or its target people.

You should not overlook any of the above-given tips when writing copy for an ad campaign.

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20 Jun 11 Do’s and Don’ts of Web Content Writing

Web content writing is picking up very fast. Even big corporates these days get their website content written by content writers. Web content writing requires different sets of skills and expertise, knowledge and understanding of the medium. Here are some do’s and don’ts of web content writing.

Do always keep it short and divide into parts

Web content is not like book writing or article writing. People on Internet have limited attention and concentration level. People prefer to scan than reading long paragraphs. Thus, write short and crispy matter. More importantly, divide long paragraphs into short parts with help of bullets, headers, sub-headers, tables, charts. Write short sentences.

Do not put all in a page

Many website owners think of saving money and ask webpage designer to make a single home page and furnish all desired content in the same page, which can be read by scrolling down. Little does he understand that at the cost of saving few bucks he is making a major mistake and losing many prospective readers. If a viewer visits a webpage and finds its home page is too long, and he has to scroll down and down to read everything about the same, it naturally puts him off. Reader loses concentration and interest and soon leaves the webpage. First, decide what all you want to convey in your webpage and under what all headings. Now create separate pages for each heading like – Home (which is a general introduction), About Us/Me (about the company/person/place/object), Services/Products (if it’s a commercial site) or Collection/Archive, Picture and video gallery, History/background(how it started off), contact us/me, sitemap, career page etc. Put relevant content under each of these pages.

Do use simple language

Web content writing is written for the common traffic to your website. Don’t bombard with heavy vocabularies that people need to refer to dictionary to make sense of it. Keep language simple, yet captivating. Power packed quotations, headers will help you to draw immediate attention of the viewer.

Don’t copy others

Many websites commit this grave mistake of copying content from other sites. You may refer other websites, get motivated; but never copy their content. You may not only get into copyright issues, you will also lose credibility among viewers.

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19 Jun 11 What Are the Different Types of Headlines?

Headline of advertising commercial or a book or marketing collateral is supposed to be the most important and attention grabbing part of the same. A headline is supposed to make the thing stand out from the clutter, draw immediate attention of the viewer. The copywriter can grab attention of the viewer with a wide variety of headlines. There can be several types of headlines as given below.


There can be headlines that put forth questions like – ‘Did you know 80% of women love our shampoo?’ or ‘How often do you need to de-tan your skin?’, ‘Are you spending too much in Insurance?’ These questions not only grab attention fast, but also stir interest and provoke thoughts. People soon relate to such questioning headline and move on to the next segment of the advertisement to find out the solution.


There are many advertisements that put forth its customers’ words to sell the products or services. This trick always works, as people consider it as a proof of the brand’s credibility. Not all provide testimonials of real customers, but when used such strategy can be effective. It may go like this ‘This oil has lessened 70% of our health problems’. Put name, location, age of the customer speaking to make it appear more credible. You may take permission of that particular customer.

Straight on face

There are headlines talking straight to the viewer, in a direct tone. These are effective at times. Special offers, heavy discounts, inauguration – such announcement oriented advertisements adopt straight on face tone. Examples, ‘Grab last few days of 50% discount’, ’50 free laptops with Bike purchase’.

News headline

Then there are headlines, which announce some news like ‘Finally, A detergent is here which actually works’. Such announcement of news – like something new has come up always works.

Commanding headline

There are headlines, which ask you to do something. Such headlines are strong and are developed to encourage the action towards some benefit. They mostly start with a verb. Like, ‘Say no to plastic’, ‘stop drinking while driving’, ‘Stop abusing the minor’.

Let me know which one is your favorite.

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