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05 Jan 11 How to Shop without Exceeding your Budget?

Are you a shopaholic, who just can’t stop drooling over stuffs and stop temptation to purchase beyond affordability and pre-set budget? You are not an exception. There are many people who just can’t stop shopping, are too impulsive about purchase decisions without considering budget and eventually end up into bankruptcy. Here are few simple tips about shopping to your heart’s content yet not exceeding budget.

Prioritize your shopping list

Don’t shop randomly, without considering what’s more important and required to be shopped. Always keep in mind, first shop all those items which are absolutely necessary and are considered as basic needs. These can be basic food, basic clothes. Once your needs have been met, buy the things that you want to have a better life like better fashionable clothes, shoes with elevated heels. Always satisfy your wants when your basic needs are met, as a fancy dress won’t make much difference to your life if you don’t have bread to eat. So prioritize your needs. Buy what is essential first, then if you have extra money fulfill your wants and luxury demands.

Don’t buy with cards randomly

Credit cards often push us into the wrong practice of buying without considering the shopping budget, affordability and thus land us into financial crunch. Use credit cards, but judiciously. Know how much you purchased with your card and keep a limit for yourself. Know how much you can buy in a month with card and stick to it, since you have to pay back too.

Look out for discount shops

Don’t be too brand conscious or obsessed with buying from a particular mall or shop. Rather keep your eyes open, keep an eye on who is offering good discount. Visit those stores, who knows you may not even believe that you can be so lucky and change your preference forever. It will not only save a lot of money and help you to finish entire shopping within your budget, but may also change your preference towards shops and shopping practice. Even big brands offer seasonal discounts. Always look out for such lucrative offers.

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09 Aug 10 3 Cs of Online Marketing

The core of marketing is same, regardless of the medium it usage, but the principle and tools changes with the medium. And with every new medium, rules and face of marketing also change, sometimes for better and sometimes for worse. This happened when newspaper came into being, it happened when the Radio was invented, same phenomenon repeated when television came along, and so did when the Internet hit the scene.

The rules and tools of Internet Marketing have not been same even on the Internet. It has changed a lot over the year. But three things remained at the core of it, and will always remain so. These are the things we will discuss in the following paragraphs.


Content is the driving force behind media. Media is nothing if not content serving engine — I know it is marketing vehicle as well, but that is the hidden part of it, which we all feel convenient in ignoring. So to make our media vehicle (read websites, blogs, or forums, etc.) successful, we need to have high-quality content that keeps the visitors reading and asking for more. This eventually will make them join our mailing list.

And do I need to tell you what a stupendously big e-mail list can do to your online business!


What is the goal of website content? What is the reason behind its being? Have you asked these questions? If not then now is the time to ask so because I am going to tell you the answer to this question.

The ultimate, mega, final goal of content is to persuade, nudge, or coax our customers to buy from us, or to subscribe to our mailing list. In other words, the ultimate goal of content is to push people to take desirable action. So again, it went out to content.

Who said content is not important…huh!


This is the final C. This is what we want to build around our product. This is what Harley Davidson got, and other bike brands do not.

A community is so powerful that it can save a company from inevitable bankruptcy. It saved Harley Davidson in early part of 20th century, and it even forced Coca Cola from changing its formula in 1980’s.

Building such a loyal fan base is not going to happen in a day, and for more than 99% of businesses it never happens. But this should be the ultimate goal of a business, for this is very rewarding. You should build, foster, and nurture a community around your product.

Is there anything that can pull all your customers together? Find out what it is and start working upward, until you have a community that grows itself.

Who said organic community…?

The 3Cs we discussed above can easily make or break your business. You should, therefore, take measured steps and not let any of the three go out of control.

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08 Jul 09 Signs You Should Look For A New Job

One part of working for a company that many people seem to forget about when questions of loyalty come into the mix, is when you should call it quits, and decide to leave the company that’s been fruitful for you in the past.  Sometimes you hit a plateau, and find that you just can’t grow any more at your job, or sometimes you complete a large product and find yourself struggling to look for other tasks you can complete to justify your paycheck.  But there are a few warning signs you should be aware of that will let you know you may want to begin getting that resume ready, whether you believe you’re going to be let go, or if you’re just looking to further your career elsewhere.

One sign that’s fairly easy to spot is if your company is in trouble.  Every company is in a relative amount of trouble, given the global recession that’s been battering the world for quite a while now, but if your company is in dire risk of bankruptcy, it’s a good time to think about abandoning ship.

If your company has just recently been turned over to a new CEO, or if you see new leaders at a lower level begin to be negotiated into the company, it’s a good time to think about leaving.  The problem with new faces, is that they bring in more new faces that they’ve been familiar working with in the past.  Chances are you don’t factor in to their plans, as they don’t know you, and most managers would prefer not to spend time learning how to work with new people, when they can let you go and hire a past employee at the new company.

You hit the plateau at any given company for your skill set.  If you’ve gone as high up the ladder as your education/skill set will provide for, it’s time to get looking for a new job.  Chances are, even if it’s the same level position with another corporation, you may be able to get a larger salary.  The chance to renegotiate pay with a well proven set of skills is always an opportunity you should take, and the new corporation will offer you new challenges and the ability to add a new credit to your resume.

Your boss or corporation fails to fulfill a promise that they had made to you during an interview, or early on in your hiring process.  These mean promises not put into writing as an actual contract, but something verbally promised to you.  Whether that means a certain amount of money you should be making over a set length of time, or a promotion you should receive within a set amount of time.  Whenever these promises are not met, they’re leading you on, and it’s time to find the exit as soon as possible to put your energy towards pursuing a more meaningful opportunity with a company that doesn’t lie to you.

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