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28 Jan 11 How to Satisfy Your Visitors with Your Writing in 2011

We have come a long way since we first started typing words and sentences for the website. The novelty factor associated with reading “free content” has long been overspent. People now get free content delivered to their mails in tons. Even the use of keywords in all types of tags has long passed its “use by date” mark.

In 2011, SEO and writing is going to change big time as the rules of SEO game has changed and so has the readers’ mindset. People have stopped paying attention to copy that looks crappy, as lot of bad content has been littered on the Internet.

Not just the search engines, but users even are a lot more conscious of the value your content adds to his or her life, and after the introduction of snapshot feature in Google SERP, it has become more difficult for badly written content to make its way to the customers’ computer. Even when it gets a chance to get there, they are quickly thrown out.

So how to make a content interesting both for people and machine?

To make your content interesting for your readers you need to do the following:

  • Use the language that your visitors converse in.
  • Provide them the value they are looking for.
  • Do not just write anything. Do a research before delving into the actual writing process.
  • Read blog comments, forum posts, and watch YouTube videos to see what your customers are getting and what their requirements are.

Following the handful of tips given above will take your writing business to all new height, but how to make the same content accessible for machines (search engine bots).

If you are new to the field then the fact that you have to write content for machines as well may make you cringe, but this is what we all have been doing since always in the name of SEO content. We have been working to satisfy the needs of machine, so that it could display our websites when visitors come searching information on the topic we are writing.

To make your content standout with machines you need to do the following:

  • Do not write for the machine. Even it does not want anything to be written exclusively for it.
  • Place important keywords and other related terms at appropriate places.
  • Do not go overboard with optimization.
  • Write with audience in mind and SEO should be the secondary thought.

Content written for the two groups that we talked about above should not be mutually exclusive. You need to write content that meets the needs of both of them. This is not very difficult, all you need to do is practice.

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02 May 10 Credit Card Reform Wrong footed the US Consumers

Credit card reform was one of the many steps taken by Pres. Obama to pull the US economy from the ugly jaw of recession that engulfed many innocent families taking away countless many jobs. People were cheerful about it, but now as the promise had been acted upon and the law has been put in place, people are not cheerful. People are confused, angry, and ambivalent about it, as found by the Nielsen Company in a study.

Nielsen BuzzMetrics has done a thorough study to gauge the mood of the consumers, and for that the company sieve through 45,000 Usenet forums, 8,000 discussion forums, and 135 million blogs. According to the Nielsen Company, the main focus was on finding the following:

  • How are consumers reacting?
  • How are card companies communicating changes?
  • What actions do consumers plan to take?
  • Who is to blame?
  • Which companies are being implicated?

The study revealed that buzz related to Credit Card Act tipped off big time in May 2009, and it continued making round until it petered out n February 2010, when the law was put into effect. (See image for trend).


People who went gaga on the announcement of Credit Card Act 2009 started to oppose it when Obama signed the bill to make it a law. People have many complains ranging from having not enough protection to fear of misuse by the company, etc. Only time will tell how justified this fear is, meanwhile see the image below to get the complete data.


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22 Nov 09 5 Reasons Why You Should Join Twitter

Twitter is hot, very hot. Everyone is embracing this 140-character phenomenon, but still there are some people who are not as excited about twitter as rest of us are. They do not see any point in joining twitter. I am writing this post for those who are living in the twitter-dark-age, and here I will show why one should join twitter.

Reason 1: To search what you need

Twitter is not just a micro-blogging platform, but it is a potent search engine as well. The keyword search tool of twitter is very powerful, and can fetch the result you are looking for in real time, for example, if you type #Movie 2010, Dallas in the twitter search, you will get all the results of recent tweets matching the word you entered. Check out advanced Twitter search or use the operators.

Reason 2: To filter the inflow of Information

Let’ face it. The amount of information produced on the Internet in one single day will require more than a lifetime to consume. You will have to born again 2 to 3 times to consume the information we produced in one day. This is what we call information overload, which confuses us big time and leave us paralyzed.

We need a filter, rather many filters, to make sense of the world around us. Twitter and tools based on its API help us filter the information without missing on the things we need to know.

Reason 3: To get breaking News

Reuters and Bloomberg are panting, and twitter is donning a proud smile of a winner who has achieved the goal faster. Breaking news reaches faster to twitter than it goes to any big media houses. Check out

Reason 4: To know what others are thinking on a topic

Use # tag (keyword) feature of twitter to find out the opinions of people on a certain topic. See how people are reacting to the event or occurrence that matters to you.

Reason 5: Track a trend

Every day many trends and countless micro-trends come into and go out of existence. If you are an information junkie or a social scientist who wants to keep eye on what is happening in the world then nothing can help you as much as twitter will. Use #tag (keyword) to track what people are saying, doing, and talking about.

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